HULFT Integrate Enterprise Data Integration

The Future of Enterprise Integration Software:
Hulft Integrate + Influential Software

HULFT Integrate enables enterprise integration that’s intuitive, reliable, and fast – with support and services from HULFT’s UK partners, Influential Software.

Enterprise Integration with HULFT Integrate and UK Partners Influential

Valuing the Integrated Enterprise

Why enterprise integration? The data industry is valued at around $3 trillion, putting it in the top three after oil and banking.

But if data is unmanaged or unprotected, it can become a major threat to business success. Just as commodities such as oil and gold are refined before use, so data integration and data logistics must be optimised and integrated into your business.

HULFT Integrate provides fast, intuitive, and secure enterprise integration solutions for your complex data.

Influential’s HULFT team is qualified to advise your business on the best HULFT solutions – HULFT Integrate, HULFT Transfer, and HULFT Director – for your data needs, separately or in combination.

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Your Data Architecture Made Simple

Too many businesses today are stuck with manual, labour-intensive methods of managing data. With the volume and complexity of data growing by the hour, these systems are close to breaking point.

HULFT Integrate’s enterprise integration power eliminates this unnecessary labour, reducing human error and freeing time for innovation. In place of thousands of lines of code comes a simple drag-and-drop interface for enterprise integration.

Across industries such as finance, healthcare, and manufacturing, HULFT’s integration technology has brought a wealth of tangible benefits to well-known businesses. Pair HULFT Integrate with the HULFT Director Business Integration and central management platform for total control.

  • Reduced Order Processing Times
  • Standardised Interface Development
  • Scaled User Quantities, with Minimum Extra Cost
  • Increased Accuracy of Pricing and Accounting
  • Greater Employee Productivity

Influential - HULFT UK Partners - for Next-Generation Enterprise Data Architecture HULFTAs HULFT’s UK partner, Influential offers comprehensive HULFT data management services for this cutting-edge enterprise integration technology.

Infinitely Adaptable Enterprise Integration

For enterprise integration to be fast and holistic, your sources need to connect from day one. HULFT Integrate has a wide range of adapters.

Database: Access, DB2, DB2 for I, JDBC, MySQL, Oracle, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, MongoDB, NeoCore

Network: FTP, JMS, Mail, REST, Web, WebServices

Files: CSV, Excel, File Operation, Filesystem, Fixed Length, Apache, Hadoop, HTML, Variable Length, XML

Cloud: Amazon Web Services, Cloundn, Google Apples, Kintone, Microsoft Azure, Nifty Cloud

Application: Dr.Sum EA, List Creator, Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP, SAPBC, SAP Table Query, Sedue, SVF, Tableau

Groupware: IBM Domino, IBM Notes

SDK: Java-based SDK

Middleware: HULFT Transfer, Hadoop HDFS